Needing a lift

Taylorsville, KY

Mr. Harris, needing to improve the mechanics of lifting his scrapping blade, reached out to IWS via our Contact Us page. Listening to his need, we soon understood our challenge; eliminating a straight line. Needing upward lift to improve the mechanics, conversation and sketches soon provided the solution. An angled receiver and extended roller provided a line of upward lift resulting in favorable mechanics and thus, significant strain relief. The best part of this unique solution – hearing Mr. Harris say, “Works great!”

Talk about Transitioning

Columbus, GA

Sometime, the piece you need just can’t be purchased, “off the shelf.” This is where Innovative Welding Solutions shines. With limited space and a significant misalignment, IWS was called on to provide a solution – and that we did. A fabricated stainless steel transition piece that solved a food processing plants problem.

Cool it down, it’ll go up

Columbus, GA

Mr. Johnson, a plant manager, contacted IWS with an interest in increasing his productivity of a particular product. Considering his process, IWS offered the solution of improved cooling by more accurately sized pipe and a simplified, more direct routing of the process piping. This piping modification increased cooling water flow rate and thus, batch cycling. The result was an additional 6,000 lbs. of product – a 21% increase in overall production. Cooling it down certainly made production go up!

On the road again

Columbus, GA

C and D Auto, faced with an expensive engine removal and significant part replacement, reached out to IWS seeking a solution to a potentially, very expensive repair. Understanding their need, we provided a solution to minimize cost. Suggesting the engine remaining in the vehicle, the front cover was removed and delivered to IWS. Once in our shop, a fabricated lobe was welded into place and drilled as required. The result – a satisfying solution and quality repair that got ’em, on the road again.